Lines of life

2013 Jan Lines of life

January 2013 Acrylic on canvas  70 x 50cm



10 thoughts on “Lines of life

    • Thank-you very much Melanie. Everyone who comments always brings a little of themselves & your comment reminds me of some of your photos & writing, where you too pick out the vibrant mosses & show your way
      of looking at the world. I think what I’m trying to say is that you seem to be receptive to “aliveness” where not everyone would be.

  1. Hi Sonya. To me, this speaks to that moment in spring when the light is reaching its potential and plants are ready to take advantage of the light before the trees leaf out. The trees seem to be in dance poses. Jane

    • Hi Jane – interesting reflection on the dance poses – I like that idea & for me your interpretation also reflects how you live totally with the seasons & they are a part of you.

  2. I like this very very much!

    It has a nice feeling of flow and beautiful contrast in colors.
    The trees and branches are also fantastic.The clean barks and perfect round branches give the scene a fantasy-surrealistic feel, almost like out of a disney animation : )

    • Hi Tahir

      Your comment is very interesting as well because it is from quite a different perspective than the previous responses & yet equally seems to reflect the world you literally work in. Also makes me think of your interest in the surreal – which in fact I often think is all around us if we allow ourselves to be open to it.

  3. Ni Sonya, I haven’t visited for a while. This painting is beautiful. I love the blue lines against the orange. I very much like the sense of movement against what I guess to be shadows from larger trees.

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