Affiche Expo Mend Zolan 2013 image

Exhibition in Hendaye

Here’s the poster for my exhibition which opens on Tuesday 30th April. The exhibition space is excellent – over 200m²,  so I’d say it’s the largest exhibition I’ve had so far. I’ve been able to hang 52 paintings in total. On the other hand, it’s a place that is not at all visible to passers by, being on the third floor of a building whose entrance way is extremely hidden behind the arches! So I have to say I don’t have any great expectations as to there being many visitors!

Given that there has been so much investment in doing up the Boulevard de la Mer along the seafront it  really seems a pity & a waste of an excellent space, that there are not more large signs to advertise its being there. I’m sure it wouldn’t cost that much extra just to draw a bit more attention to it.  If you follow the little discrete  blue panels marked “Mendizolan” you can eventually find it, but you have to really know what you’re looking for!

Hope those that get there will think it was worth the effort!

Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday. From 10am till 1pm & 3pm till 7pm

Exposition à Hendaye

Voici l’affiche pour mon exposition qui commence mardi, 30 avril. L’espace est super – plus de 200m², alors je dirais qu’elle serait l’expo la plus grande que j’ai jamais monté. J’ai réussi a accrocher un totale de  52 tableaux. Par contre, la salle n’est pas du tout visible aux passantes, étant donné qu’elle se trouve au troisième étage d’un batiment dont l’entrée se cache derrière les façades des cafés etc (qui donnent sur la place).

Vu les investissements récents dans le Boulevard de la Mer, il me semble dommage qu’on n’a pas pensé à mieux signaler cet endroit, pourtant si excellent. Il ne serait pas trop difficile ni trop cher par exemple, de peintre un mural  qui soit visible de la place, ou de commissioner un sculptor pour créer un ouevre qui attire l’attention, plutôt que ces petits panneaux bleus (marqués “Mendizolan”) qui sont si discrèts.

Comment trouver la salle d’exposition Mendizolan?

En longeant Le Boulevard de la mer vers la digue (Sokoburu) prenez le passage piéton à gauche, juste à côté de la glacerie “Pink Banana”. Au fond, vous verez un panneau qui indique Mendizolan à droite. La salle se trouve au troisième étage.

Ouverture du mardi au samedi de 10h à 13h et de 15h à 19h

Exposición en Hendaia

Aquí esta mi póster para mi exposición que abre el día 30 de abril. El espacio es maravilloso – mas de 200m², entonces seria la exposición mas grande que nunca he tenido. Hay 52 cuadros en total. ! En cambio, no es el sitio mas fácil a encontrar! La sala se encuentra en el tercer piso de un edificio que se esconde detrás de los cafés que hay en la plaza de Sokoburu (Hendaye Plage/Playa).

Después de las inversiones en el  Bulevar del mar, me parece mucha pena que no se ha pensado en como mejor indicar como encontrar este espacio tan interesante. Hay que fijar en los pequeños paneles azules que indican “Mendizolan” – pero la verdad es que no son muy  evidentes – !Espero que los que lo logren pensaren que valía la pena!!

? Como encontrar la sala de exposicion Mendizolan?

Dirigiéndose en el Bulevar del mar en el sentido hasta Hondarribia encuentras las tiendas y los  cafés  de Sokoburu. Al lado de una heladería que se llama “Pink Banana” hay que tomar el pasillo peatonal. Andar hasta el l fondo, donde se encuentra un panel azul indicando Mendizolan a la derecha. La sala de exposición está en el tercer piso. (Hay ascensor).

Horario : Martes – Sabado  Desde las 10.00 hasta la 13.00 y desde las 15.00 hasta las 19.00


7 thoughts on “Exhibition/Erakusketa/Exposition/Exposicion

  1. Hope your exhibition is going really well, Sonya. If I lived nearer, I’d be there, following those little blue signs for the chance to enjoy so many of your paintings! I’d love to see them in the real world… Hope lots of people have found their way to discovering your work… I love the poster – and the exhibition’s title. Your paintings are exactly like breathing spaces, capturing the spirit of everything that phrase can mean…


    • Thank-you Melanie …I wish you could be there too. I’m not sure I’d say “lots” of people, but at least I’ve had some very positive responses from those that have come. Many people seem to find my style totally new & different from anything they’ve seen before. I’m never sure to what extent that’s because I have a sort of outsider vision & so we don’t share the same cultural visual references or to what extent that’s just me.

      There’s been a big problem with the local newspaper having some sort of a change & the journalist hasn’t yet been able to get the article published on my exhibition. Apparantly they don’t want too many “cultural” articles!!!
      Which I suppose partly shows how they view their audience!

      If the exhibition was in London…….. ! But I guess that’s the price I pay for chosing to live somewhere that provides me with so much inspiration!

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