A few very quick drawings

It’s ages since I’ve posted anything here!  The main reason being that I haven’t been doing much in the way of serious painting during the summer as our house has been quite busy. Which is very nice as well, but not so good for creative space!

In the meantime, here are a few quick drawings done on holiday in Spain.  They’re not supposed to be anything amazing – it’s just something I tend to do when we’re driving (in case you were worried, it’s my partner doing the driving, not me!) I have loads of these drawings, but I won’t bore everybody with too many! It’s mostly a bit of a visual diary & a good exercise in trying to capture the basics really rapidly.Travelling drawing 1Travelling drawing 2Travelling drawing 3

Below are a few drawings from when I went to England. They were done in the airport, from the plane  & from the train. I hadn’t been in England in the summer for years & it was quite strange to go from the intense light in Spain to the soft, gentle, English light & subdued colours. It all made me feel like I’d been catapaulted into the end of summer when in reality it was still peak summer!

Travelling drawing  11Travelling drawing 5Travelling drawing 6Travelling drawing 7Travelling drawing 8Travelling drawing 10

And finally a few quick watercolours from a bit closer to home.

2013 Watercolour 1

2013 Watercolour 2

2013 Aug Watercolour 3


5 thoughts on “A few very quick drawings

  1. Hi. I like the sketch looking toward Castilla la Mancha best. I am quite interested in your watercolors since I have been working at my technique all summer. You have achieved that ‘intense light’. I like the greens in the dune-scape! Jane

  2. Thank you for sharing these Sonya. Your sketches have the same spacial shapes of your finished paintings. It’s always nice to see what’s behind the finished art. These will prompt me to post the watercolor sketches I did on vacation!

  3. Hi Sonya – good to have you back! I love your sketches – all those wonderful lines of immediate reaction, noticing and thought. So lovely to see your sketches of people. They have such life – and are filled with such a sense of person / character and the natural body language of an individual’s demeanour. They speak volumes to me. Wonderful!


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