The Presence of the trees

2013 August -Sept The presence of the trees

Acrylic on canvas 116cm x 89cm

I just turned on the computer after getting back from school & found a message to tell me that this painting, which I finished quite recently, has been selected for the Adour  – Bidasoa competition/exhibition, so that’s a good start to the week-end anyway!

Having just started a new school year meant I hadn’t even got round to posting it here till now; It’s the only large painting I managed to do in the holidays (see previous post!) I wanted to explore by doing a bigger & slightly different version of something I did  several months back.


Concurso de pintura Adour Bidasoa

Acabo de volver del colegio y al encender el ordenador he aprendido que este cuadro ha sido seleccionado para el concurso Adour Bidasoa. Quería explorar un tema que he hecho hace unos meses y esta versión es mas grande y algo distinto  que aquello.

La inauguración sera el día 20 de septiembre a las 19.30 en la Sala de Exposiciónes del centro Amaia de Irun c/ A. Lopez Becerre.

Concours de peinture Adour Bidasoa

Je reviens de l’école et je viens d’apprendre que ce tableau ha été selectioné pour le concours Adour – Bidasoa.

Le vernissage aura  vendredi 20 septembre à 19.h30, au Centre Amaia d’Irun.



8 thoughts on “The Presence of the trees

  1. A beautiful painting – and I loved the other version too! Enjoyed the sketches from the UK visit and interested by the comments about the ‘soft English light and subdued colours’ and what you would make of them.

  2. Such a beautiful painting, Sonya… and whistlesinthewind’s comment has reminded me that I was going to comment on the phenomenon of the soft and subdued light and colours here in Britain that you wrote about in your previous post. I find that so interesting too; how you might translate that renewed sense of a particular quality of light here in your art. I suppose it’s an effect which only really fully strikes when experienced in such contrast, when having been away where the light is so different. In a much more gradual way, I’ve experienced how different the light can feel when I’ve moved from region to region within Britain – in the Scottish Highlands for instance, there is a definite mood effect of the light that is very special to that place…

    Congratulations on your wonderful painting being picked for the competition/ exhibition! Really great news!


    • Hello Melanie

      I really appreciate your comments – I’m finding it hard to keep up with my blog at the moment so apologies for late reply . In fact, with the timetable I’ve got now since September I don’t see when I’m going to have many opportunities to paint to be honest.

  3. The Presence of the trees is just a marvelous application of acrylics… clean, crisp, emotionally light and airy…inviting the viewer into a world of wonder. Many artists can draw and paint but few can infuse a painting with an emotional component. You have mastered that ability. It is what brings viewers back and back again… and converts them into buyers. Kudos.

    • Thank-you for leaving a comment – I was quite surprised as I haven’t been posting any artwork here for ages. Unfortunately at the moment I have a teaching timetable which is quite incompatible with pursuing my own work. I’m hoping that it won’t always be the case & eventually I will be able to get back to it.

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