2009 Expo

Voici quelques photos de l’expo à la médiathèque d’Hendaye. Malheureusement l’éclairage n’est pas terrible, mais c’est tout simplement pour donnner une idée. Il y a 50 tableaux en totale.

Aqui teneis algunas fotos de la exposicion en la mediateca de Hendaia. La luz no esta muy bien pero bueno, por dar un poco el idea. Hay 50 cuadros en total.

Here are a few photos of the exhibition at the médiathèque d’Hendaye. Unfortunately the lighting isn’t too good but it’s just to give a bit of an idea. There are 50 paintings displayed in total.




4 thoughts on “2009 Expo

  1. Thanks for posting these photos Sonya – I enjoyed having a virtual visit to your first exhibition. Your paintings look magnificent – I’m certain this will be the first of many more to come.

    It’s also interesting to look at several together – even small like this – and considerer them in light of what you say about structure and composition. These are also things I think about a lot – together with colour.

    Thanks again.

  2. Thank-you Sarah.
    Also while I’m about it, thank-you to all of you that have been so encouraging.
    Having an exhibition is pretty time consuming so I haven’t had time to do any painting in the last 3 weeks or so & I’m missing it. I think that after Christmas I’ll need to revert back to my more hermit-like self – it’s the only way to get anything done!

    • Bonjour Sofi – c’est gentil de me laisser un message. Il faut se méfier de mon espagnole – je ne sais jamais lequel est le pire, mon français ou mon espagnole! Mais tant pis, je ne peux pas faire autrement- heureusement que la peinture peut se lire sans mots écrits – quand même il y a beaucoup d’influences culturelles dont on n’est pas toujours conscient je suppose.

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