2011 Hondarribia Expo

Zuloaga Etxea, Hondarribia

Looking down the street that Zuloaga Etxea is in.

Mirando por la calle donde se encuentra Zuloaga Etxea.

Vue de la rue dans laquelle Zuloaga Etxea se trouve.

Door to Zuloaga Etxea – La puerte/ La porte

The next photos give a an idea of the inside of the building  & how the paintings look. Maybe the photos are a bit too dark.

Las proximas fotos dan un idea del interior del edificio y como son los cuadros expuestos. Igual las fotos han salido algo demasiado oscuro.

Les photos suivantes donnent une idée de l’interieur du bâtiment y les tableaux.  Il se peut que les photos soient un peu trop foncées




6 thoughts on “2011 Hondarribia Expo

  1. What an amazing show – congratulations Sonya.
    This seems to be quite an austere venue and your work breathes life and light into those beautiful stones.

    All the best with your show.

    I wish I could see it.


  2. Thank-you very much.
    It is a pretty impressive building I think. The photos don’t do justice to the actual feeling of space. Basque architecture can seem quite austere if you’re not used to it – There is a simplicity of form though that I like & in some ways I think that aspect echoes the pure & sometimes bleak lines to be found in the Basque landscape.

  3. My god Sonya, your work is fabulous. It’ wonderful to see some old friends hanging and the new paintings are incredible. The evening on Hendaye plage is gorgeous. I WISH I could be there. I’d be acquiring some more I know. Better have a gallery built in the garden! They look so beautiful shining against the stone (is it red limestoe?) particularly the watery ones. No. All of them. You have an amazing gift.

  4. Maureen , you’re so kind – thank-you.
    As for the stone, I think it’s a sort of golden sandstone – I like it very much. Perhaps a geologist will tell me it isn’t that but it’s what I thought it is.
    Thank-you for commenting here- I am glad that although you couldn’t see this exhibition, you do at least know some of my work “in real” too.

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